Apr 7, 2011

Article: How To Steal Like An Artist

I'm still in the midst of reading through this article but I had to take a moment to share it. It's really that awe inspiring. One thing I have come to recognize over the last year is the power of "The Law of Attraction". My very basic understanding of the theory, similar to how I understand Karma, is that you will receive what you put out. What this means to me is if you put out positivity you will receive the same and this is also true for negative energy. Be intentional about your life. Dont cower under the pressure of other people's insecurities. Be positive, be loving, be kind, be generous and be hardworking. The article below teaches us how to be intentional about the way we live. Genius! Please READ!!!



Alexandra Waters said...

Thanks for this link! I've been thinking a lot about creation recently and he speaks about many of my own recent discoveries. Love it!

Ms. Reese said...

Right?? I LOVE this article! It really did put everything into perspective!