Jun 2, 2011

Just Get To Know: Mara Hruby

I took a moment to listen to Mara Hruby’s music earlier this year and though I understood her music and style vision, I was not impressed with her voice. I’m a singer by nature and therefore I tend to be rather hard on any and all aspiring singers. I also happen to believe that you should work within your gift and if singing is not your gift than perhaps you should take some time to discover what you are truly naturally gifted at.

With all that being said, I have come to understand that talent is but a fraction of what makes a singer an entertainer and ultimately, we want to be entertained. I would say survival within any sector is part talent, part ambition, part vision and part work ethic. You could be the best singer/rapper/artist to walk planet earth but if you do not embody any of the other three traits you have pretty much failed without even starting. Mara Hruby’s voice is cool, calm and soothing. No, she will not out sing (insert your fave Big voiced singer here) but she will give you the vocal depth that has become her trademark and she will definitely serve you a personal style and vision that you cannot deny. I’ve come to dig Ms. Hruby and I have to admit Jay Z definitely has something to do with it. :) Check the video and song, "The Panties", originally performed by Mos Def  that brought me over to Team Mara Hruby.

Good day!

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Anonymous said...

i could maybe get w this live... if she really poured into it, without being detached from reality.

im critical too... so yeah, its kinda meh... but that doesnt mean theres no place for it.