Aug 14, 2011

TED Talks

So, I spent the majority of my weekend cleaning my closet and listening to uninterrupted hours of TED Talks and "This American Life" podcast's. And yes, it took me hours to clean this closet. You know the closet that you pack full of all the randomness that you do not feel like dealing with in an efforts to make sure the majority of your place of residence looks presentable and clean. I felt like this closet had become a strange metaphor for my life or at the very least, my brain so after months of putting it off I spent my entire weekend unpacking all the hidden randomness. Yes, I feel great but what made this experience greater was that I had hours and hours... upon hours to listen and learn. I spent this time really quenching the thirsty, wide eyed child in me that wants to know everything, I'm quite honestly sad to see it come to an end. BUT as any good blogger must do- It's time to share!

So TED- I had listened to their talks before but not as many as I did this weekend and not for hours and hours on end. One of my absolute favorite talks is actually not a talk that was presented at TED. Go figure. It's actually a talk that circulated the net several year's ago and that only after re-visiting this weekend, impacted me greatly. It's longer than your average video but worth every second. Behold, Randy Pausch on "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams".


And here's a shorter one that I also really enjoyed.

 Hope you all enjoyed those as much as I did!

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