Aug 1, 2011

Life: Day 1

I've been reminding myself as of late that you ALWAYS find what you're looking for. Some people tend to regard that as a "thing" but I tend to think of the search as more of a spiritual and emotional quest. If you're looking for love or happiness or inspiration you search for it and will definitely come back to you. Never think life is that unkind. At the same token, harping on the negativity in you life or looking to engage unhappiness will bring you just that, unhappiness. I started my day with a talk with one of my good friend's and we spoke candidly about the ways in which we were trying to change our life. I needed this. Desired it somewhere in the deep corners of my mind and I embraced the opportunity to share personal growth. Not long after that, I was invited on a whim to a presentation that discussed how we connect to people we identify with as leaders. Needed that too. I didn't know it but I recognized the immediate song my heart sang as soon as the presentation ended. Just remember to put out into the universe the energy you want to receive. Life is waiting.

AND In thinking about Day 1 of the "Reset Challenge" my mantra and life song is below.

Mantra:  "You can be GREAT or you can be regular, the choice is yours."
That is a really short quote that represents to me my own personal wisdom and power in my destiny. What I am really trying to change is the way I actively engage what's happening to me and around me and how I can personally become FEARLESS and change my life so that I can help other people.

Song: "Strength, Courage and Wisdom" India Arie
I think the title says it all.


Check ya'll later!

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