Jul 31, 2011

Life: The 31 Day Challenge

Hello! Hello! When I first started this blog there was a lot more personal musings and a little less outside inspiration but as this blog has grown and changed, so have I. My new vision for my relaunch is to have a blog that seamlessly engages the personal and the inspirational as I tend to believe that they are closely related. Outside inspirations encourage personal growth. For the next 31 days I will be actively involved in the Rosetta Thurman created 31 Days To Reset Your Life Challenge. I discovered Rosetta and her mission at the perfect time in my life and so I am excited to continue this journey of personal growth. I will be blogging about this experience periodically and if you are at all interested in changing your life, I urge you to join. I'm excited! Let the games begin.

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Rosetta Thurman said...

Thank you for joining us for the Reset :) I hope it's useful to you!