Jul 13, 2011

New Music: Emily King

Emily King had been slightly nudged to the comforts of the back corner of my brain. Today, she moved confidently to the forefront of my thoughts and made me experience why I had initially connected with her a couple year's back. I think what amazes me most about Emily King is that she still has so much purity and truthfulness to her art. It is a quality usually only seen at the start of a lot of people's careers, fades during that overconfident middle phase and reemerges after an artist reconnects with their art form. Emily King has somehow managed to grow as an artist and person and still maintain that soulful pulse that draws you to her music. "Every Part" off of the recently released EP, "Seven", will do just that.

I love when I have these moments when hearing a musical expression jolts me back to the place of remembering why I ever started blogging. Emily King and "Every Part" takes me back to that moment.

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