Jul 2, 2011

Beyonce Is King

I remember when little rumors started to fly that Beyonce's forth studio album was on the horizon and her stan's started scammering for anything that would support the reemergence of the King. Thankfully, all of it was true and not long after we got wind of Bey's forthcoming album we were served with "Run The World (Girls)". Man, I was scared. I HATED that song. (Still dislike it.) I was scared that Bey was about to release a "B Day 2.0" and ruin her brand, her music and her legitimacy as an artist. BUT Alas, all my worries were silenced once the official album dropped. This is Beyonce's best album to date. Yes, that's my opinion but I believe it to be completely true. This is her best compilation album to date full of hard beats, complex cadences, passionate vocals and all the marks of a true labor of love. This is 4, Beyonce's attempt to solidify her place in musical history. Check her documentary "Year of 4 " below.

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