Feb 8, 2011

2 Day In Music.....

I just have to say before I start this post that, today I really REALLY realized how much I enjoy blogging! Yesterday my computer gave me a huge "side eye" and served up a black screen. I literally got up from the computer and tried to keep my devastation at bay. Ugh. Today, all I kept thinking to myself is " How am I going to freaking blog? S#*+!!" I had thought of other things such as "How am I going to listen to the new Kanye album? How am I going to use my email? fb?" But I had quickly thought up solutions for those problems. Blogging was the last thing on the list. Finally, I decided that there was absolutely no way that I could go for 5 more months (the original planned time of a new computer purchase.). I just KNEW I had to have one sooner and had already thought of several solutions to purchasing my new computer sooner. I ended up doing a little internet research and fixing the issue myself but my this experience showed me how much I'm willing to sacrifice for something I love. That love for me right now is blogging. THE END. :)

Now on to some musica!

1. Dawn and Kaleena are two of the best decisions that Diddy ever made.... I LIVE for Dawn. (Post Coming Soon on my intense Dawn love.)

2. Marsha Ambrosius (originally of Floetry) is dropping her album "Late Nights and Early Mornings" on March 1st. I will for sure be copping that. Check her mixtapes or "sextapes" as they're named via the link below. (P.S. Marsha's looking pretty sexxi these days! :))

3. Concrete Loop dropped a track by the appropriately named new (ish) singer, Jazzy. I'm absolutely in love with her tone!! Like, her tone is what really sold me on the song. It also doesn't hurt that she has Chicago's very own, BJ The Chicago Kid on the track. WORD. Check it!

Yay! I love Blogging! :)


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