Feb 21, 2011

Today In Music......

Friends! So much musical goodness came to me today. I was thinking to myself earlier, "I really REALLY need to hear some new music!" and once again the universe delivered. I wish I could bottle the way I feel right now and take it in on a rainy day and give it away to the world for a "smile a pop". One bottle for every smile you give away. I know that description was like really dramatic but that's the way music makes me feel. (As I'm typing this Pandora is playing "Renegade" (Jay-Z). Can we say "Pandora is my soulmate"? WORD.)

Ok. Ok. Follow me....

1. We have Tyler The Creator, one half of the duo, Odd Future. I have to just say, this next one may not be for everybody. It took me a good 1 minute of the song and some research to really appreciate him and his work. I'm all over it now though. And by "over it" I mean I'm knee deep in Tyler's auditory shockwaves.


2. Next. I'm just going to take a moment and throw some love to my girl Nannah for putting me on to this chick. She dropped her name. "Skylar Stonestreet."  I searched. I got lost in the song below. It's as if this song caught me in that perfect moment of layered rumination and blessed my thoughts. Yeah, that serious. :)

3.Ok. So, I might have found my new AWESOME British best friend. Her name is Katy B and the chick is BOSS MADNESS. The song below has a nice techno/soul kick to it and Katy B is full of that natural superstar spark. (Thanks Ivey and Muffin!)

Katy needs her own post so that will def happen soon!!

whew. more to come. STAY TUNED!

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