Feb 21, 2011

Articles: Why You Are Not Married??

Okay, really I'm completely over the whole media frenzy about "Why Those Successful Colored's and Other BOSS Women Are Not Married." Its like "yawn" on a good day. BUT it's still fun to watch. I'm entertained and if nothing else these articles are fodder for discussion which can lead to more exciting things, like deeper connections and synapses firing. I also have to say that I still feel young and this whole "Nobody will want you if you're too awesome." talk goes right past my combat boots and across my coily head. It does not feel as urgent. But in the spirit of those among us where this is their current reality, I get it. The debate is real.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, the original article by Terry McMillian:

And the response article, which is HILARIOUS btw:


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