Feb 1, 2011

2Day In Music.. GRIME Music

Wow. I interrupt this regularly scheduled programming to bring you GRIME.

What is grime you ask? Well it seems as if it is a musical genre that has been brewing in Britian since the early 2K's. It is a mixture of "Uk garage, dancehall and hip hop". With the recent success of British grime artist, Tinie Tempeh, this genre seems to garnering some global attention. Tinie Tempeh whispered in my ear (not literally) last week as I was perusing this here internet but I can't for the life of me remember where I heard (of) him! And then I saw his name today and I  thought to myself "Self?" (My self said "Huh?" jk.) "Who is this Tinie Tempeh?" And so I went snooping. Came across Tinie and then wizened up on this whole musical sub-culture now rising to the top of the international music market.

Here's a song by Tinie.

Below is one of the first mainstream grime artists.

Check more Tinie Tempah here.

I really do not know how well the grime movement will do over here in the U.S. but I am certainly excited to find out!


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