Feb 8, 2011


The other day as I sat pondering my life and creating concrete goals for the future I began to scold myself for not being further. I thought to myself "Perhaps I'm aiming too low. Am I not challenging myself enough?" And then I had to take a moment and say "Really dude? You're doing pretty well for yourself. Chill the F*CK out!". And yes, this was all to myself. (and definitely all in my head.)  :) Most importantly, what I realized is that....

"life is this strange balance of celebrating where you currently are and scorning yourself for not being further. "

The "balance" part of that quote is what's most important. Life has its ebbs and flows and learning to appreciate those changes and being open to the lessons they offer you is what makes the ups and downs all the more worth it. PAUSE. Breathe.

Laterz! :)

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