Feb 12, 2010

Fabness Takes Flight: Airplane Wear

I'm going on a trip this weekend and so I've been thinking about what I want to wear to the airport because 1.) You come in contact (directly and indirectly) with so many people 2.)I can be a big attention wh*re.

I can remember being young and always admiring people who came to the airport in real clothes. What do I mean by "real clothes"? You know, something other than sweats and sneakers. (ugh.) When I was a kid we use to rock jogging suits whenever we had to take a plane ride but as soon as I was older enough to start dressing myself and started to care about how I looked... I stopped that ish. I understand that people want to be comfortable but I also know that people tend to have a warped sense of what's "comfortable". Trust me, I LIVE for "comfortable". You will rarely catch me in something I am not "comfortable" in and I currently do not believe in heels because given the circumstance, they are quite difficult to run in. Taking a plane ride does not mean you need to look like you're going to bed or do not own a thing in your closet with structure. You are talking to (or reading the words of) a person who wore jeans on a flight from Washington D.C. to Johannesburg. I was comfortable the ENTIRE time so needless to say I do not buy that whole "I need to be comfortable" argument. So what are the best things to wear on a flight?
Bey doing it best!

1. Dresses
I know. I know. That sounds ridiculous, right? WRONG! I own sooo many skirts in dresses because in my opinion they are pretty much one of the most comfortable creations ever! The cotton or jersey kind are the best to wear on a plane. They wrinkle less and can make for a hefty dose of fabness.

2. leggings/tights
Duh. You wear them under the dress. But please PLEASE DON NOT WEAR LEGGINGS AS PANTS!! That is to date one of my biggest pet peeves. It's not sexy. It's trashy and classless. (IMO) humph.

3. "Boyfriend" jeans
That's loose fitting jeans usually with a fashionable twist(sparkles, frayed etc.).

I ALWAYS wear a sweater on the plane because not only does it always get chilly but sweaters can also make an outfit more cohesive. Plus, if  you buy it in a good jersey or cotton fabric it will not wrinkle as much.

5. Scarves and other accessories
Last but not least, wear a scarf! Scarves, if worn right, can make a person look.... dignified, more put together. Plus, It could always take an outfit to the next level.

That's my 2 cent's on that.


P.S. I will SOOO post what I wear, next week.

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