Feb 8, 2010

The Thrifting Adeventure!

Sooo.. Back in the day I use to dig the thrift store (right, sis?). We use to go there and get books, clothes and other fun things because we wanted to. This was long before thrifting became the indie/alt/ "cool" thing to do. I guess I was eight years ahead of the trend.. But I had not been thrifting in a really really really long time and I kept getting inspired by all of these other fashion blogs and decided I read to give it a try. And give it a try, I did! I woke up pretty early on Saturday and made my way over to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store. One of the positives about living in the suburbs is that all the little indie kids have not ravished the thrift stores. So, bueno. I spoke of my thrift store adventure a little bit in this post. Below, some of my finds.

The finds...

I'm obsessed with this shirt. And seriously, this photo does not do it any justice. It's sooo bright in person.

 Also, was instantly obsessed with this jacket. It has this members only vibe and the gold buttons are bananas!


I got this patterned stretchy black skirt and the colorful jacket/shirt. I've been looking for a skirt like this for a while so I was VERY pleased. The jacket stood out to me for obvious reasons.... I'm obsessed with bright colors.

I got two other things but on one of them (a navy blue skirt) I still need to make some DIY upgrades to it and the black dress I bought just did not look right in the photo I took. I'll debut both of them soon though. All in all thrifting was quite an enjoyable experience and despite these weird class issues that cross my mind, I'll probably do it again.

time in store: 1.5 hours
# of items: 6
total spent: $16.00
happiness & elation: priceless.

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