Feb 1, 2010

The Grammy's: All It's F*ckery and More.

Tonight as I sat in front of my TV... much I witnessed.

1. GaGa decided to jump from a strange contraption into the arms of some awaiting men. She looked just as scary as ever.. blah. No surprise there. She yelled...a lot.. Overall, mediocre performance.

2. Bey performed "If I Were A Boy" and I mean it was good but... I've definitely seen her do better. I WAS NOT impressed!!! She knew her performance was falling flat... because mid way through she went into some sort of shock and started slinging that glittery lace front into the faces of all those unsuspecting robot men she had backing her up.

3. Pink surprised all of us and pulled out one of the best performances of the night. In my opinion, she is the only performance worth re-watching. Pink came out in this white frock and then took it off and exposed some glittery pasties and some silk rope contraction tied around her body. Then, she had the nerve to sprinkle some water on her body and sling around in circles in a veil hanging from the ceiling. LOVED IT though.

4. Taylor Swift's wins ruined the Grammy experience for me. I now no longer trust their judgment. UGH. Besides that, her performance sounded like death. Ole grim reaper sounding mediocre trick. Just nasty.

5. Black Eyed Peas beasted their performance!! LOVED it! A great BEP performance is a performance when Fergie is silent for most of it. She managed to scream a lot less this time. Bueno bish.

6. Also, I was CRAZY about the Lil Wayne, Eminem and Drake performance. They MURDERED it and they knew it! Travis Barker was also a sick addition. Also, one of the best performances of the night. (they kept blanking out parts of the performance because they kept cursing though.)

7. The Michael Tribute was also nice and touching. They gave me a headache with that 3D nonsense though. Usher got on my last nerves jumping around and falling on the ground and stuff. UGH. I heart him nonetheless. J. Hud looked hott in that dress! Get it gurl!

Overall, The Grammy's get like a C+. I was not super duper impressed and they made some strange award decisions. Congrats to Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Maxwell and others for their wins

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