Feb 6, 2010

PFC!!! Week Cinco.

I'm definitely over here fist pumping because I feel like a winner! lol. We're at the five week mark, friends! This means that I have successfully worn a different outfit everyday for five weeks. That's major! I never even thought this was possible. I had sooooo many things in my closet that I was not wearing. Some stuff even had tags on it! (still some things in there, actually.)It was bad! I've always cared about clothes and looking good everyday, but I still had room for improvement.... and as long as I'm alive and Kelis,Jeremy Scott, Solange and Jimmy Choo are doing their jobs I will continue to work at my style. (There's always some thirsty fab chic waiting to still your shine. :))

I love my shine, I love my inspirations and I love LOVE clothes/fashion/style! :)

Anyway, Week Cinco.

 First day! Hey miss, you're looking pretty preppy there! I am GAGGING over that color combo! (gagging is a good thing here. :) )

Curls poppin', hunni !

Rocked the blue shoes (again) cuz' my shirt was beggin' me!

This was a different day and overall the outfit was a big flop! But my hair was SERIOUS this day so I thought I would post one photo. My bf got me those earrings. Thanxxxx!

 Some of fav colors....together = immense happiness. (as if that was not evident from the photo.)

My bf just bought me these shoes and I HAD to wear them! Thanx bffffffffff!

 That skirt is doing something special to my waist... and I like it! We'll call this day: Hoping for Summer.

 loooove this necklace!


Friday! Wear what you want day! 

 A close-up on the Sesame Street shirt. Looove this.

Tar-jay at it's best.
This morning. What I wore to go thrift-ing. This picture was an accident (hence tackiness to left) but okay......

That's all for this week!

Oh yeah!! A taste of what I got when I went thrift-ing today.

time in store: 1.5 hours
# of items: 6
total spent: $16.00
happiness & elation: priceless.

heartz, smilez and fashunz.

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