Feb 4, 2010

Lil Kim: The "Original" Black Barbie

You already know that title is a tad bit of shade to our newest musical blessing (i kid. i kid.), Nicki Minaj. But really... I feel like Lil Kim has been everywhere this past week and this has got me to thinking about the original nasty, plastic gurl. There is not much commentary needed if you know anything about Lil Kim but to highlight some of the main points that come to mind:
-Biggie's side chick
-Made female sexual expression okay/normal (?)
-Has gotten waaay too much plastic surgery
-Is hood and fabulous and extra.. all at once (and I LOVE it)
-Refuses to give up her title as the nastiest black barbie around (and rightly so!)

Soooo... A walk down memory lane.






Remember this nonsense of a couple? side eye....
AND that dang makeup.... Laaawd...
Our Lil Kim is looking better than ever these days! (shade...) ::chuckle:::

I'll always love Lil Kim though... she keeps it nasty and plastic and could care less what us regular folks think.

Great day people!

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