Feb 5, 2010

February Is....

A Month full of Special-ness. For a couple reasons (but not limited to):

1. Black History Month
2. Valentine's Day

I will do my blogging duty and make sure to saturate you with posts about love and blackness.

But I'm serious.

MLK is special and so is Harriet Tubman but it's something about Fred Hampton that inspires me more than any of the before mentioned legends. His charisma, his drive, his commitment and his incredible success (IMO) all stand out as qualities that should inhabit any interesting human being. Fred Hampton was committed to serving low income communities in Chicago and achieved so much during his short time on earth. Unfortunately, COINTELPRO, the FBI and CPD decided that his rise to power and his penchant for social change was beyond the scope of their plans for the inner city and infiltrated his "camp", shooting him dead next to his pregnant, sleeping girlfriend.

Thank you Mr. Hampton. We appreciate your commitment to the forgotten's.

Happy February!

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