Mar 17, 2011

2Day In Music: Summatime

Ladies and gents, summatime is indeed on the horizon! Chicago is blessing us with 60 degree weather tomorrow and I'm losing it. POW! I do not know about you but I was at wit's end with that dreadful weather. GOODNESS!!! With the summatime comes the best music to make you feel light, carefree and full of happiness. Some of my faves below.

Guns and all that jazz.

Next up is "Horchata". This was like one of my all time fave summa songs last year!

"Beautiful" by Pharrell and Snoop needs not an introduction. This has securely been in my "Top 5 All Time Fave Songs" list since it dropped. That serious.

That's it for now but ya know, the sun is just starting to shine and there will be plenty more summatime sexiness where this all came from. (And yes, I know it's spelled "summertime".)


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