Mar 13, 2011

Last Call: Frank Ocean

So, Frank Ocean almost didn't make it into the music round-up for this weekend. The weekends are when I heavily and more selectively post new music.You can pretty much assume that most of the things I post throughout the weekend is the best of what I've heard and seen. The weekends mean endless hours of time to do as I please and this basically equals listening to music AAAALLL day. I always feel kinda like a creep when I reveal to people that I would prefer to do this to most other things. All day I've been seeing "Frank Ocean" here and there and naturally, my interest was peeked. I listened to some of his songs off and on all throughout the day and nothing was really speaking to me.... and then I heard "We All Try" and I suddenly understood the hype. His tone is so pure and genuine on this track. Big ups to Mr. Ocean for making it into the final music post of the weekend. :)

Happy Sunday!

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