Mar 28, 2011

Breaking News: Beyonce and Matthew Knowles- DONE!

OMG! YA'LL! Beyonce has moved all of her yacky out of her new little baby bro's* play room! HER AND MATTHEW HAVE OFFICIALLY SPLIT!!

Which may mean nothing to the majority of you but as a true and unapologetic Beyonce Stan, I think this is big news! Matthew Knowles has been wielding his (Tina-taught) Creole root power over Beyonce for nearly twenty years. Finally she's free. I wonder what this means for her Illuminati membership. Has she found Christ or is she rising in the ranks of the secret pyramid society? (click ybf for more info. Hope this is true.)

*Matthew Knowles has a love child.

A press release like only I could create.

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