Mar 11, 2011

Fashion on My Brain

As of late, I've been pondering this here blog and the direction I would like to go with it. What has been evident to me is that while fashion and music are both huge (if not equal) passions of mine, this blog has not been doing a great job of representing the fashion part of my brain. This realization led me to ponder why music seems to be the majority of the things I post...... And then it occurred to me- The way I process both are very different. I tend to think of music as a VERY public version of art. I am THEE DJ at work and I feel like music is inherently something that needs to always be shared. I also believe that I am more confident in my ability to spot great music and can battle against most anyone to explain and discuss the immense value of music and why I have phenomenal musical taste. (Yeah, I'm THAT cocky about my taste in music.) Fashion, on the other hand, tends to feel more personal to me. I devour hundreds of fashion inspirations everyday and I quietly store them in my brain. It doesn't naturally occur to me to yell from the mountains about this great designer I just discovered. Also, I'm still busy sharpening my fashion eye and understanding my (natural) personal style. As I grow more and more confident in my ability to identify the natural pulse of fashion I will continue to make that part of me more public. Until then......


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