Mar 6, 2011

Sunday Randoms.

Hey friends! So, I'm totally back. YAY! Blogging is so much a part of me that when I return after a couple of days I become verbose- LO SIENTO. But let me catch you all up!

1. First things first, I'm in love with New York. It took me SO long to fall in love with it. I remember everybody being super surprised that I wasn't in love with it after continuously visiting these last 3 years. This weekend something finally clicked. WHEW. I'm excited to potentially move there one day!

BUT as much as I love NY, Chicago will always been my first and only true love.

2. I have so many lovely friends! What I've come to realize is that, My relationships give me energy. Meaningful interactions with people are key to the very essence of my being.

3. (Native) NYC man are EXTREMELY confident. Some are overconfident. Like, you will see homeless people swaggerin' down the Ave. It's BONKERS.

4. To live in NY is to commit to something bigger. It takes damn near your life savings and your first born to make it financially work. That in itself deserves a standing ovation.

5. I finally forgave some people while I was there. I had some subtle bad energy I was channeling for a few people (most warranted. some not.) and it was something about the (filthy) NY air that helped me get all the nastiness out. WORD.

6. On Repeat:
 Katy B- Louder

Also Check the NAACP awards photos over at Everybody looks SUPER fab.


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