Mar 31, 2011

Fashion: Toms

Friend: "I think I'm going to buy some red Toms"
Me: "Come on, son! You're better than that! Really, you're more creative than that."

I have the strangest relationship with Toms though. As much as I respect the brand, the mission and the creativity of their product; the overexposure in hipster culture makes me gag. I rarely see people rocking Toms in a creative or inspiring way. I mean, a v-neck, skinny jeans and Toms barely counts as an effort, no? But despite all of these hang-ups I do tend to like some of their styles. Their Spring line is out and some of my faves are below. I might just be inspired to hop on the bandwagon and purchase a pair. GASP!

And here are some of my other faves from their complete collection.

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