Mar 12, 2011

Just Get To Know: Rye Rye

Rye Rye is the perfect mash-up of what this generation longs to be-Vibrant, electric and hardcore. Believe me when I say, Rye Rye "got next". What has become most evident in American music these last couple of years is that we are finally accepting and learning to appreciate the electro-house pulse of the music industry. I have noticed in my own recent consumption how often electronic and house music is rising to the forefront of my musical preferences. For Instance, I have had "Yeah 3's" (Chris Brown) and "Louder" (Katy B.) in heavy rotation for the last two weeks. This would not have been normal for me... even 6 months ago! Music is getting shaken up in a new and exciting way and I love it.

Here's Rye Rye with her latest video and song, "Hardcore Girls".


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