Mar 12, 2011

Who is that? Oh, It's JustBrad.

You know how people always say "Be careful what you do. You never know who is watching."? Well, I think these words of caution have never been more true since the creation and growth of the internet. People are putting even more of themselves out there to be viewed, discussed and judged. Thankfully, sometimes people share a part of themselves that serves a higher or more meaningful purpose. has quietly been that for me over the last couple of years. I met Brad randomly via a friend during my Junior year of college. Us and a million of my other friends partied to "The Cool Kids", facebook friended each other and went on with our lives. Then one random day I came across his photography blog and instantly recognized the beauty of his gift. I've always randomly commented on his photographs via facebook but today it occurred to me how second nature it is for me to go to his blog and look for inspiration from his photographs. So Brad, I have obviously been being a creep watching. Thanks for sharing! Now everybody go visit his website and see some of his awesome photographs below.

Turns out Brad's also friend's with our resident Boss B*tches, Coco&Breezy.



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